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Curriculum Vitae

1998   Graduated from the Illustration program at O.C.A.D., Toronto


2018 “Hiding Places”, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2017   "Hypnagogic City", The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2015   "Hypernurnia", The Red Head Gallery, Toronto
2013   "Sleeping with the Window Open", Line Gallery, North Bay, Ontario
2003   "New Drawings", AWOL Gallery, Toronto

2016   "Parables & Paradoxes" with Daniel Crawford, Latcham Gallery, Stouffville Ontario
2010   Affordable Art Fair, New York City, with Blunt Collective
2009   "Let's Exist Like Its Not Pretend", Paul Petro Projects, Toronto
2009   "Paper Chase", Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2008   47th Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
2007   "Square Foot 2007", A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto
2006   "Square Foot IV", A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto
2005   Exhibition with Rob Malinowski, Swoon Gallery, Toronto
2005   Affordable Art Fair, NY, NY
2005   "Square Foot III", A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto
2005   "Blender III", Mind Control Gallery, Toronto
2004   Toronto International Art Fair, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto
2003   "Blender", Mind Control Gallery, Toronto
2003   "Let Me Count The Ways", Gallery 1313, Toronto
2003   "Square Foot", A.W.O.L. Gallery, Toronto
2000   "Hidden Revealed", Gallery 401, Toronto
1998   "Merge", Ontario College of Art and Design Atrium, Toronto
1997   36th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

2019  Winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best Immersive Fiction for “Biidaaban, First Light” with the NFB.

2014   "On Architecture - Facing the Future - 2nd International Conference and Exhibition", Belgrade, Serbia
2011   Interor illustration for Unbuilt Toronto 2, by Mark Osbaldeston
2010   "Vimy Circle" Illustration for Spacing Magazine
2009   "Tall Toronto" Illustrations for Spacing Magazine
2007   "Toronto's Ravines, the Pressure is On", Spacing Magazine
2007   Cover illustration for Spacing Magazine, Pedestrian Issue
2006   Featured on the cover of Mix Magazine, winter 2006
2006   "Escape from the Don", illustration for Spacing Magazine
2005   "Suburbia's Last Stand", Illustration for The Walrus magazine
2005   "Queen & Spadina 2015", Spacing Magazine, Spring 2005 Issue
2005   Folio Section, Broken Pencil Magazine, Winter 2005 Issue
2003   Mix Gallery, Mix Magazine, Autumn 2003 Issue
2003   Shotgun Reviews, Lola Magazine, Summer 2003 Issue